About Work-Ship

Work-ship is an intelligent, user-friendly application which assures compliance of Work and Rest Hours International Regulations ship’s operation at all times. It monitors, record and manages ship work and rest hour rules at sea. Work-ship is the first of its kind product to be “Class Approved” by the Indian Register of Shipping (IRS is a member of International Association of Classification Societies).

Under the STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping) -an International convention, it is acceptable for a seafarer to work up to 98 hours a week which is far longer than the 72 hours a week as set by the International Labor Organization. Considering shipping as an ever working industry, the long work hours and short rest periods may cause fatigue which can possibly lead to several hazards to the seafarer’s health and affect his/her performance. The mismatch of shipping work and rest hours has led to several ill effects on board life. Moreover this has proven in many major fatalities in the recent times with exorbitant Commercial and reputation losses to Ship Owners and Managers. With the ingress of Manila amendments to the STCW convention and the approbation of the 2006 Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2006), increasing attention have been paid to ensure the seafarers work and rest hours.

Work-Ship as an application assures compliance to the particular aspect of the ship’s operation at all the times. It assures compliance with the on-board violation of rules such as false record keeping, which undermines on board safety and health. Work-ship is a boon to address fatigue and ensure regulated work and rest hours.

Key Features:

*Ship Version – Desktop Software (runs without internet, on LAN/WAN)

*Office Version – Cloud based (for on shore monitoring)

Ship Version Specifics:

  1. Complies to regime of MLC 2006, STCW 2010, OPA- 90  
  2. IRS (Indian Register of Shipping- IACS Member) Class Approved Version 1.1.0
  3. Compliant to the verification of rollover period for real- time analysis of NCs.
  1. Single input of work hours and work done by seafarer.
  2. Audio/Visual Notification to the HOD & Master on their computer, for any changes or edits done on the record post on the work hours entered by the crew.
  3. Automated planning for routine schedule with the identification of future non-conformities.
  4. Single page interfaces for department heads to quick planning of non-routine operations.
  5. Automated Management of Non-Conformities, Overtime and Reports.
  6. Seafarer friendly user interface and design
  7. Audit Complaint- Rest periods easily planned> Executed>Monitored>Analyzed.
  8. Ensures Masters, HOD and Superintendents are kept in the same loop.

Office Version Specifics:

  1. Ensures Shore Staff is kept abreast of any violation of regimes
  2. Completes the loop of communication served for auditing purposes
  3. Presents a wide range of Data Analysis from each crew to full fleet



  • Work and rest hours


    Even when logged out
  • Work and rest hours


    Designed for end user
  • Work and rest hrs


    Bridges gap between Ship & Shore activities